Slovenian Artisans

Manca comes from a small town in the Posavje Region in Slovenia. She loves expressing herself through her hand made polymer clay jewlery. Each piece is uniquely made and full of passion and love, just like Manca herself. With the support of her husband and lots of dedicated hard work, she puts all her heart and energy into designing vibrant and colourful jewelry that we hope will brighten your day and bring you joy each time you wear it



Nika's love for hand made artistic polymer jewelry goes back all the way to elementary school when her mom, a school teacher, introduced her to it. It then didn't take long before the first necklaces and brooches were made. 

Nika is more or less self-taught and most of her techniques she learned through books, the internet and by participateing in various workshops, where she could further refine her skills.

She's inspired by friends and family and most of her ideas are born in a local coffee shop. She then spends a couple of hours sourcing the right materials before heading off to make stunning collections of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. 

When asked why she designs polymer clay jewelry she says:

Because it relaxes me, because I enjoy the work and because the sky is the limit. When I look at the sky there's always something new happening and I always get a new idea that I want to realize as soon as possible. And when I see that people like my pieces, my joy and satisfaction is even greater!