Our Story


My name is Suzana Zupancic Christie and I'm Slovenian born and raised. For more than 15 years I have lived and worked in NYC with my amazing family. My love for the beauty of my home country is deeply engraved in my heart and soul. Working in the high end jewelry business for the last decade and a half, I really believe that beautiful, handmade jewelry designed by amazing, artistic, passionate ladies need the to be shared worldwide.

So therefore I started TiliaVili - an eCommerce jewelery brand where I'm a curator for these fab Slovenian artisans to help them reach an international audience and make a living for themseleves.


Vili was my dad, a hard working, loving man, who woke up every morning to the view of a beautiful Tilia (Lipa in slovenian) tree, also called Linden tree in English. Tilia is the Slovenian national symbol and also the symbol of my beloved dad Vili's love for Slovenia.

In his spare time he was a craftsman and he would craft stunning Tilia leaf plates out of wood that today you can find in his wooden cottage at the top of his vineyard.
I don't remember knowing anyone who loved his homeland as much as he did and in his memory TiliaVili is shared with you all.
Have a beautiful, amazing shopping spree at TiliaVili.com.
And please don't hesitate to get in touch with me on hello@TiliaVili.com, if you have any questions or feedback. I'd love to hear from you and so would my artisan ladies.
Suzana Zupancic Christie